The Jackson Laboratory Cancer Center

The Jackson Laboratory Cancer Center is undergoing a profound evolutionary expansion that sharpens its focus on cancer and augments its national impact.

We have new leadership, a new campus, a new direction in human cancer genomics, expanded technology platforms, a reinvigorated educational outreach, and an expanded faculty.

We are now eminently poised to exploit an array of sophisticated mouse model platforms in tandem with advanced technologies and analytics for interrogating human cancer genomics.

We offer sophisticated shared resources that provide our members with every capability for advanced genome scale research.

Now operating on three campuses, we are able to generate and validate improved preclinical models; extract from them meaningful molecular indicators of tumor response or resistance to therapy; and move these indicators toward incorporation in clinical trials.


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Cancer research is our core

First designated a Cancer Center in 1983 by the National Cancer Institute, our independent, nonprofit Laboratory converges technologic and biological strengths towards understanding and harnessing genomic complexity to develop novel therapeutic and diagnostic concepts for cancer.

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Courses, conferences, and workshops

The Cancer Center offers education and training opportunities in preclinical mouse models for human cancers and their use in translational cancer research.

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The Cancer Center pioneered and continues to develop and maintain internationally recognized online databases for mouse genomics, biology and pathobiology.

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