VI.A. Baseline life span data

We have had many requests for baseline life span statistics for various mouse strains. Following are life span data for standard inbred laboratory strains and for other strains we have studied in the Harrison Lab.

Commonly used JAX® Mice and crosses (Study 1 and Study 2)

Table VI.1.

Historical life span summaries for commonly used strains of JAX® Mice and F1 hybrids from some of these mice.

Twelve strains of commonly used laboratory mice (Study 2)

Figure VI.1.
Table VI.2.

Survival curves for females of 12 inbred strains of laboratory mice.
Life span data (in days) for females of 12 strains of laboratory mice.

Our diallele cross

Table VI.3.

Life spans of 5 inbred strains and 10 F1 hybrids made from those strains.

 Our 4-way crosses, selected for life span

Table VI.4. Figure VI.2.

Life span comparisons of 4-way cross mice when parental strains are selected for longevity.
Mean life spans of 1ML and 2ML males and females.

Other life span data

Data from the following studies is currently not available on this website. For information, please contact Dr. Harrison at

  • BxD22
  • HI, LOW, HET, wild mice and other long-lived strains

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