The GRS Repository maintains over 1,500 strains live as breeding colonies for rapid distribution and over 6,000 others as cryopreserved stock or DNA for dissemination to the worldwide scientific community.

We are experts at genetic background stabilization, and maintain the highest standards of quality control.  Every strain has an allele specific genotyping assay, and breeders and offspring are genotyped when a clinical phenotype isn't apparent. Data sheets for each strain document performance, husbandry, genotype, phenotype and more.

Our research and development programs add many new models to the Repository each year and enhance the value of available strains.

Major Collections

Our holdings include collections of disease-specific models,  genetically engineered and spontaneous mutation models, tool strains (such as Cre drivers),  and panels of recombinant inbred and consomic strains. 

Donate and preserve your strain

We import 500-600 strains per year from researchers around the world. Donating to the Repository ensures your strain will be preserved and available to other researchers, helping you fulfill the National Institute of Health's requirement for resource sharing. Donate a strain now >


The Repository is funded by NIH research and resource grants, private foundations and revenue from the distribution of mice to researchers.