Research highlights

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Making the right connections

Scientists uncover essential role of postsynaptic NMDA receptors in developmental refinement of excitatory synapses.

Research uncovers large-scale organization of genome interactions

Understanding the organization and functional compartmentalization of the genome is important to future disease studies.

Collaborative efforts expand ALS research tools

National ALS mouse model resource is a key component in the effort to uncover the root causes of Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Jackson researchers uncover steps in synapse building

Team led by Zhong-wei Zhang, Ph.D., has discovered a factor in synapse-building, also showing that the building and pruning processes occur independent of each other.

Cancer treatment partnership with UC Davis, NCI

The collaboration seeks to identify biomarkers, molecules that provide targets for candidate drugs and help predict when they will be most effective.

Jackson Lab team proposes new treatment for SMA

SMA has been traced to mutations in the motor neuron (SMN1) gene that reduce levels of a protein known as SMN.

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