Available KOMP mice

ES cells for the knockout mice being reanimated and characterized by the KOMP2 centers in the US are available from the KOMP Repository at UC Davis. ES cells generated by other worldwide partners are available from the European Mouse Mutant Cell Repository (EuMMCR). Germplasm of phenotyped strains will also be available from these repositories once research is complete.

The International Mouse Strains Resource (IMSR) tracks the availability of mouse models around the world, making it a good place to start in identifying the distributor of a particular cell line or mouse.

Live mice

While newly-produced cohorts of mice are under investigation at The Jackson Laboratory, breeder pairs will be made available to the scientific community when possible. These pairs will be available only during the approximately 18-week timeframe required for phenotyping each strain, and availability will be dependent on litter production above what is needed for the KOMP2 program.

 JAX KOMP strains 

If you are interested in learning when new live KOMP2 strains are being made available, please fill out the form below to indicate your interest. You'll receive an email notification from us periodically about newly developed strains.