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The Jackson Laboratory offers a unique scientific research opportunity characterized by excellent collaboration among our staff, unparalleled mouse and genomic resources, outstanding scientific support services, highly successful postdoctoral and predoctoral training programs, and a major meeting center featuring courses and conferences centered on the mouse as a model for human development and disease.

Faculty recruiting

Join our world renowned mammalian genetics research faculty. Further your research with the best mouse resources and scientific services in the industry.

Visiting Investigators Program

Investigators from other institutions have an opportunity to collaborate with The Jackson Laboratory using our research facilities and resources.

Postdoctoral training

Learn from your sponsor one-on-one in this robust training program. In addition to research, you can attend courses, seminars and faculty meetings, write grant applications and travel to meetings.





Research expansion

Research expansion

The Jackson Laboratory is recruiting top-notch faculty for research expansion.

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Exciting research opportunities

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Technology Transfer office

Responsible for managing intellectual property arising from Jackson researchers.

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